The inspiration:

Have you ever been to one of those open field car shows? You know, the kind where it feels like a fair with thousands of people all decked out? People in Fifties-garb, poodle skirts, full-on Happy Days, and others in costumes and painted faces to match their sports car have long awaited for the big day. But then there's the rat rods, chopped rides, and souped-up Subarus, they're a different kind of folk but they're there too. As are the Corvette and Porsche Clubs. And don't forget the bikers, they have an entire section roped off just for themselves.  The smell of popcorn, corn dogs, and barbeque fills the air as ticket-holders drink ice-cold beer and peruse the beautiful refurbished hot rods, classic, and flawless sports cars. Country music bands are scheduled throughout the day as are burnout competitions where bystanders can enter on a whim to blow a few slicks (tires) just for the fun of it.

The Story:

This tale is for the hot rod enthusiast and for all who love a good story about beating the odds due to hard work, perseverance,  a little luck, and a lot of prayers. Flooring Agatha is a buddy comedy, ideal for an ensemble cast for hysterical cameos. It's about friendship, family, love, doing the wrong thing, and then doing the right thing. It's wholesome and funny. It's a feel-good, happy story where you'll laugh and cry at the same time and you just might find yourself standing at your seat, rooting for the underdogs to win in the end.‚Äč 

Why make this movie:

An American sub-culture of car fanatics is on the rise.  The fact that there are certain kinds of people who will sooner let their kids starve before going without the next latest tricked out gadget for their car is worth talking about.  Okay, maybe that's a stretch but you get my point. These people are real! And there are millions of them. Just turn on the TV! The timing for Flooring Agatha is opportune in that the hot rod and automotive industry have recently taken on new momentum in recent years. There are currently 20+ automotive TV shows and entire networks completely dedicated to refurbishing classic cars and hot rods just in the United States alone. The audience is large and growing.  The popularity of these shows now rivals the Food Network and other HGTV shows.  Not to mention, there is a large female viewership of these shows as well.

Who this film is for:

It is safe to say that 13-year-old boys are going to love this story as are men and women of all ages. There's a sweet love story in the mix and some good old fashion family drama with just enough dysfunctional relationships that pretty much everyone can identify with.  This film is for the general public.