​​​Audrea Crowley  has a day job. She's a public school science teacher and has taught at some of the toughest schools in both Northern and Southern California.  She is known for her rare ability to teach all the science classes from AP Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, and even Engineering. She has placed herself in some of the most treacherous yet rewarding teaching circumstances and claims that it fuels her creativity. Audrea is never short on material. She is constantly educating herself and consequently has multiple degrees and certifications. She loves

a challenge and proudly avoids the easy path.  This is one of the reason's why she loves writing comedy.  She says "...all serious writers know that comedy is the hardest genre and that may be why I love it so much." 

     Audrea studied with Lew Hunter, former chairman of the UCLA Department of Film and Television, along with many other screenwriting professionals. She spent years refining her skills and takes nothing lightly, especially how to correctly tell a good story. Audrea has an innate drive to inspire and an unrelenting need to expose the truth in all situations, even the seemingly insignificant and how funny it all can be. She says this alone fuels her drive to pull the all-nighters.

     Audrea is a self-proclaimed chocolate and coffee connoisseur - she knows when something just isn't quite right. Aside from screenwriting, she spends her downtime on a multitude of creative projects from home decorating to children's book illustrations. She loves to throw parties and impress others with her pie-baking skills. In a nutshell, Audrea Crowley is smart, creative, hardworking, and a lot of fun.